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March 15, 2018| elvento

Productivity is one factor that separates small business and startups that succeed and flourish, from those that don’t.

You know that it is time to expand your business and focus on reaching goals, solving problems when your business is more productive.
StartUps are known for their speed; they move quickly and this is what makes them attractive. But moving too fast without knowing whether everything is in the right place can lead to downfall.

Fortunately, in the world of 2016 there are all sorts of fantastic tools that can facilitate this and help improve small business productivity and increase success both online and offline.

We’re going to take a closer look at these tools as well as visit some old favorites.


Slack makes it easy to organize team conversations into different channels, such as engineering, admin, or finance. It helps you to see and reply your internal team a lot faster when you’re filled with a flood of emails. In addition, Slack integrates well with external systems including Twitter, and various source control systems. This helps keep everyone up to date. It also comes with the features of direct messaging and private groups.


The one feature which makes Evernote the most used app is its clean interface.
The time tracking facility helps you to find patterns of productivity, trim wasted time etc. It makes sharing ideas, trends, and research across multiple devices so easy that you can handle your whole business on the go.


You can’t afford to waste brainpower and energy in sorting and tracking down your paper receipts. One stunning feature about expensebot is, it helps you snap pics of the receipts and automatically enters the date, amount, and name, also allowing you to note if you’ve reported the expense. Time tracking again keeps doing its job by helping with the productivity flows.


Trello is something which we at ELVENTO personally rely upon. Trello tracks workflows, providing excellent visibility into every project at every point. Make a board with task cards to share workloads and keep tabs on projects. Create checklists for to-dos anywhere and leave comments to keep everyone on your team up to date.


Who would not want to listen to a book? Audible makes a difference of either not reading ever, to reading anywhere. Now, you can listen to the audio book during car rides,on airplanes,trains etc. It helps you gain the insight of a book, even take notes on your cell phone, and do it anytime, anywhere.

What apps are you using to make the most of your startup time?
Do add these amazing apps to your cell phone and laptops to make your startup business even more productive.

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