Powerful CRM Tools That Can Help In Marketing

March 21, 2018| elvento

Customer Relationship Management – or CRM – hasn’t always been referred to that way. In fact, the concept of CRM originally began with marketers recording their sales and customer relationship history manually using a pen and paper.

Elvento follows proper execution of practices, strategies and technologies to manage customer interaction. The data is then analyzed in order to improve business relationships. CRM systems compile information of customers which are used to derive sales targets.

Reasons why CRM is necessary marketing tool

CRM helps in Customer Retention:

CRM software is a necessary customer retention tool. In fact, vStacks Infotech revealed CRM software can help improve customer retention by as much as 27%.By keeping their customer data online, marketers can first retain their customers by maintaining personal relationships with them. CRM can also help in maintaining relevant data on past purchases and behavior of customer.

CRM can maintain Cloud based data:

CRM is quickly becoming cloud based in the next year. Cloud based CRM software are easy to access from anywhere as well as can be easily integrated with other software and technology solutions. This quality of cloud based CRM software is essential for marketers as it gives them opportunity to leverage their CRM data in more strategic ways to target customers.

Advent of Beacons has created opportunities for CRM’s:

Marketers today are often stumped by how to create seamless experiences for customers who quickly change devices and move from digital to in-store environments frequently throughout their shopping journeys.
Beacons,helps in communication, collects data and sends push notifications to customers. They are a good source of information for brands as they can easily capture customer signals both in-store and online.

CRM Predictive Analytics:

Advance CRM technology solutions are now equipped with predictive analysis qualities that helps the marketers to target real customers.This prediction is made on the basis of their past purchases and behaviors. Marketers can easily switch to these technology solutions which allow them to act on their customer data and predictive insights across channels through different mediums.

CRM a social savvy Tool:

CRM software are now social friendly and it is an additional advantage for Marketers. They can now track customer interactions across various social media platforms. We are already aware of People based marketing techniques followed on Facebook. Integrated CRM software can make this strategy even better. This technique can prove to be a great help to study customer behavior for marketers.When delivered and monitored through the use of social CRM tools, they can provide a huge return on investment for the savvy marketing team.

CRM software has come a long way. CRM is no more limited to managing client relationships, it has now evolved into technology that enables Sales Automation, more effective customer engagement and people based marketing.

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