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College life is nothing like high school. Nobody is there to tell you what to do and where to be. And everything is exciting and terrifying at the same time. It is a completely new life changing experience. While you have several unaccustomed things to look forward to (like never ever wearing the hideous, over- sized uniforms), you also have to deal with the copious amount of work it takes to make sure you have the best college experience without compromising your grades.
Thankfully we live in the times where everything is just one click away. So here I have few applications which will help you glide through college life and make the most of it-

CALENDER by Google
This app is honestly a life saver. It is not just a simple calendar which tells you what day it is. You can schedule your day, week or month. Set reminders and also contains a separate category for birthdays and anniversaries. Also the Calendar automatically syncs to your country and displays all the festivals and national holidays. But the best section is the “Goals” feature. You can chose different goals ranging from exercise (Yoga, anyone?) to building a skill or simply making time for your family and friends. You can also customize your own goal and the Calendar will schedule it for you. You can set the duration and when you want to undertake the activity. This app will immensely help you to take out time for yourself in your busy schedule. Bonus- you can also sync it to you Gmail account!


College involves a lot of continuous paperwork. You have to constantly fill out application forms, fee receipts and several other similar documents. This app proves to be a valuable asset for these purposes. You can easily scan your documents, crop and edit them all using just your phone. Also you can convert them into popular formats such as .pdf, .jpeg, .png etc. Everything can be directly mailed through the app or shared on different social media.

STUDIOUS by Leslie Lay

The study load in college is almost twice as school and the semester flies before you realize it. There is so much to do and so little time. To make sure you don’t suffer in terms of your grades, Studious is your best bet. You can easily schedule your study sessions and prepare a timetable which suits you. One of the most beneficial features is the scheduling of the assignment and upcoming tests and quizzes. This way you will never miss a deadline!
Projects and Research papers have to be presented regularly. This requires copious amounts of research and study material. It is not always possible to purchase every book under the planet. And sometimes it is impossible to find the relevant material on the internet. This app is perfect for such needs. It provides various textbooks and study materials from various authors from across the globe. It’s easy and accessible.

College students are perpetually broke. It is a fact. Frapp is the answer to all your prayers. It provides various discounts ranging from clothing brands to restaurants. Not only this, but it also helps you to score some internship opportunities! So now you can cheaply pay your bills while building your CV.

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