Key Points To Rule Social Media Posting In 2016

March 1, 2018| elvento

Business owners know that the Internet is a gold mine of free marketing directly to their target audience. A simple post on Facebook or Twitter can reach millions of people already keyed in to your products and offerings. But since not all advertising campaigns are created equal, some social media content gets lost in the fray, while other posts spread virally.

Some Basic characteristics of brand social media posting most important to consumers are- The brand shares new content, The content is relevant to the brand and the brand engages with its followers. Read Our List of Key Points that you should keep in mind to drive a successful social media campaign.

1. Choosing The Right Platform

There are hundreds of social media platforms, which means there are many options beyond Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Do You think you have be on all social channels? The Answer is NO, you need to be on the channels where your persona (your ideal customer or client) is. You can harm your brand by simply having channels that have no engagement nor activity. Take some time to see which platforms are best for your business and limit them according to your schedule. Social Media is definitely a growing and emerging field but sometimes bringing it back to basics can yield the best results.

2. Post timely

Social media is always on and so should an organization’s presence. Social media management is not a job relegated to weekdays between 8 and 5. It takes time and consistent impressions with other users to build the credibility needed for them to engage. Know the best days and times to post for your industry and demographics. Posts should be daily and should typically occur a few times. When there are dark periods a day or more without updates, followers get dubious, brand awareness fades, and credibility that has been built diminishes.

3. Build a relationship

Many think social media is not about relationships. That couldn’t be farther from the truth! Don’t just preach at your audience, but engage them, get them involved and always promptly reply to outreach. Social media channels are the essence of relationship building, and a good relationship takes consistent work to earn and maintain trust. That means you must post content that educates, inspires, entertains and/or motivates on a regular basis. Interacting with your followers allows them to feel that they belong, that they are part of something bigger and are not just another face in the crowd to sell to.

4. Look Out For Content

Billions of social media posts are shared around the web everyday, Billions. So make it a priority to consider the context of the content you’re posting and the use of high-quality images and video. There is so much content floating around at any given moment that you have to adopt some content strategies when it comes to posting on social media. Posts should be succinct, not impulsive or emotional, but rather should be thoughtfully constructed and politically correct

Just keep these points in mind and you will be a pro at social media marketing and posting.

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