Shopify Mobile App: Ionic 3 Starter Dark Version

Are you looking to set up a Shopify mobile app for your store? Then you need the right look. This suave, stylish and dark Cordova theme for Shopify makes a wonderful place to start. With artistic elegance and an easy to love the design, this makes the conventional challenge of making your Shopify store stand out from the rest a much less stressful experience.

Designed to help make it easy for you to stay in total control of how your Shopify store works, this helps out in many ways. Designed using the ionic-3 framework, this helps to deliver a simple and easy to use starter app to get your Shopify store up and running in a fraction of the usual time needed.

With this, you can easily

• Make your Shopify mobile app more immediately attractive proposition for users of the store.
• Boost sales and traffic count with the help of notifications and messages to previous users.
• Improve your brand value and engage with your customer base in the most positive sense.

Since the vast majority of Shopify stores get their traffic via mobile, why not tap into that and give your users the ultimate mobile shopping experience?

There is no reason why you need to put up with a generic, dull, lifeless and desktop-specific Shopify look. Give your Shopify mobile app all the help it needs to break the mold and make it much easier for you to see a huge improvement using an all-encompassing mobile app.

Key Features: Shopify mobile app

Easy to use layout and a simple design means that this does all of the talking for you. All you need to do is fill in the products and make sure that your store comes with all the features that you had intended; Cordova makes that very easy to do indeed!

Make it easier for your customers to manage their own accounts with a far more professional user interface. Now, making purchase and browsing your vast number of products will be much easier for any parties who are interested in what you have to offer.

Animated and impressive design ensures you are left with the perfect opportunity to really enjoy using and utilizing the Cordova theme. A fine choice for just about anyone who wants to see a greater level of performance from their Shopify store.

Suitable for both iOS and Android usage, making it easy to provide for all interested audiences for your app.

High quality design can help to improve mobile conversions by up to 120%. Mobile apps tend to convert better than mobile due to the fact they offer a much more resilient user experience. Add in the fact that shoppers are much more likely to browse and buy on an app versus a web store, and you can make what is often a challenging part of the sales process so much simpler.

Other Features

  • Attractive app template designed in ionic 3
  • Each screen has a page with nice animations.
  • Experience of ionic 3 app will be equal to the native app
  • You can generate both ios and android build using this template

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