Ionic Theme: Point of Sale NodeJS Starter

When it comes to running any kind of professional business today having a high-quality point of sale solution is very important. This NodeJS starter ionic theme can give you all the boost that you need to get the idea off the ground and up and running in the shortest space of time imaginable.

Used correctly users can get a huge amount of use from this hybrid app made for both iOS and Android devices. Now, you can easily begin to make ambitious improvements to the way that your site runs and operates, vastly improving its general make-up and management.

It’s vital that you have a classy looking point of sale solution, and this ionic-3 framework solution will deliver that to you in abundance. It works in a similar method to popular alternatives such as TabShop. This will help you to get an aesthetically pleasing and fully functional hybrid app that you can love using and utilizing.

With everything that you need to get the app up and running and providing your customers with the perfect buying experience, you can start to use this today for the best possible level of performance. Easy to adjust and improve upon, too, you can make sure that your business always has a reliable Point of Sale location moving forward!

Ionic Theme: Key features 

A slick and suave design that makes it very easy to use. Whilst other point of sale programs can be an exercise in frustration, this ionic theme is very easy to use and it therefore makes a fine solution for making easy adjustments and alterations to the sales request

This makes it easy for you to add items to the cart, too. The slick sidebar makes it easy to manage everything while the one-click item adding, card updating and product categorization makes finding everything so much easier than it would have been if you were to use standard systems.

Dynamic carts allow for easy management of all items being bought. Now, you never need to feel like you are uncertain about the kind of items that the customer has asked for: it’s all there in the database, updated in live-time.

Easy to use and effective profile management tools will help to keep you on the right path, to produce receipts and make sure everyone has full proof of what their items cost making it much easier to manage transactions and stay on top of the purchases that you put through.

This starter ionic theme uses MongoDB as the database, ensuring that it is slick, secure and safe to use for all of your professional needs. Makes use of Nodejs/ExpressJS as the back-end system to help make sure that it can work to full capacity without any issues along the way.

Other Features

  • Attractive app template designed in ionic 3 framework
  • Each screen has a page with nice animations.
  • Experience of this starter ionic theme will be equal to the native app
  • You can generate both ios and android build using this template

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