Ionic Music Player Cordova Hybrid App Template

This template would help you in building complex and sophisticated ionic music player, with enough HTML, JavaScript, and ionic skills, you could build an extraordinary app that could revolutionize the era of music players, and it can be customized up to any level according to your requirements.

This template is built on Ionic framework, it is an open source framework which gives the advantage of accessing the native API’s of devices. The elegant and simple design makes the code more user-friendly. Mobile optimized HTML, CSS, and scripts used helps you drift easily across the template.

You can use this ionic music player template for making any Music application. This is developed using the ionic-3 framework. Experience of this template will be nearly equal to the native apps. You can create hybrid mobile apps using this template. Look and style of this template will be really amazing. It will support both android and ios mobiles. So you can create both android and ios apps using this template file.

Product Features

  • Dashboard
  • Albums Page
  • Artists Page
  • Genres Page
  • Folders Page
  • Playlist Page
  • All Music Page
  • Music Page
  • Music Playing Page
  • Music Controls
  • Settings Page

Other Features

  • Attractive app template designed in ionic 3
  • Each screen has a page with nice animations.
  • Experience of ionic 3 app will be equal to the native app
  • You can generate both ios and android build using this template

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