Ionic 3 Photo Manipulation Cordova Starter Hybrid App

If you are looking to develop a strong and effective photo manipulation app, this is the perfect place to start. Running on the foundations of the ionic-3 platform, this hybrid starter app makes building your own awesome photo manipulation app a much easier experience than ever before.

It’s great for helping to start the development process and make rapid progress, helping you to get the features that you need put in place to start wowing your audience and to get the absolute maximum out of your new app. Designed for both iOS and Android use this hybrid starter app makes the challenge of developing a photo manipulation app so much easier to overcome!

If you are looking to help make your own photo manipulation app, then you need something that is very easy to use. Developing this on the ionic-3 framework, this helps for an app that works every bit as good as a specific, native app. This works with the same potential for improved functionality and performance, making it a system that anyone intending to make an app can use as the perfect starting point.

Easy to use, this app template should allow you to get Android and iOS devices using your app, fit with all the key features that you could possibly need


Key Features

A slick sleek and modern design allows us to easily use your system to really offer a high-performance solution. If you look at this app, it’s as easy to use as you can imagine and this should translate to more users getting to grip with its layout.

The high quality template design ensures that your users can easily use it. Fully integrated with your camera so that users can easily snap photos and then begin to edit them by simply taking a picture. This makes it easy for editing to be carried out quickly, easily and professionally.

Make use of the image gallery feature to pick images to edit and adjust, too. This helps to take camera functionality to a new level, vastly improving how you work and how you generally manage to make the right impression. A fine choice for so many reasons, not least the fact that it’s so easy to grab images and put them into the editor.


With various image filters to pick from, too, you can easily adjust and edit any image that you like. This makes it great for giving to those who like to edit photos for professional use or otherwise.

If you want to add any more features to this image editing tool, we can help you to do so. Simply let us know what you would like to add in, and we can take a look to try and add in some of the features you feel would help to make your app even better!

Other Features

  • Attractive app template designed in ionic 3
  • Each screen has a page with nice animations.
  • Experience of ionic 3 app will be equal to the native app
  • You can generate both ios and android build using this template

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