Ionic 3 Ecommerce Cordova Hybrid App Template

Standard store features make it very easy for you to put together the perfect business opportunity for those who wish to use this theme. Easy on the eye layout makes finding products a piece of cake thanks to the intuitive and professional layout ensuring every product is easy to see.If you are looking to develop a fresh and exciting new e-commerce app, then you might want to try out this. This is a smart, suave and sophisticated looking eCommerce app template. It uses the Ionic-3 framework to deliver easy functionality and impressive performance. Easy to utilize, you can easily form hybrid mobile apps using this simple template. With a suave look that’s easy to navigate for the customer, you can make sure that everyone using this on both Android and iOS devices can get a much-improved user experience overall.

This design makes use of key features to help you easily list products into categories. The simple to use, attractive interface ensures that product selection and discovery is crisp, clean and very easy to navigate. With full compatibility with animated product views, too, you can easily show off your entire product catalog with the best possible results.

It’s easy to set up accounts for this, too. Customers can easily log in, register and purchase items through this all through a secure payment processor. This makes it easy for you to run a full store through this app; simply fill in the details needed for the template, and you can get your app up-and-running in a short time.

Key Features

Better account management is possible, too. With easy registration and login as well as support for things like password resets and order lists, users can easily create everything from wishlists to view their previous orders. This makes it much easier to keep people up-to-date with the state of present orders.

At the same time, we have designed this eCommerce template to give you an easy to use solution on both Android and iOS devices. If you want a hybrid template that can easily be adjusted to fit with both mediums, then this will make that very easy for you to do.

You can also easily look at the account side of things from the admin perspective. Easy control of notifications, information sent out to customers and push notifications for everything from order confirmations to great new deals, making it very easy to keep customers notified of where their purchase is.

Top quality management is made much easier thanks to the easy to utilize and work with layout of the app. From making it easy for customers to leave product reviews to developing an interface that is easy to browse through, this app template makes mobile eCommerce more comfortable for customers.

Other Features

  • Attractive app template designed in ionic 3
  • Each screen has a page with nice animations.
  • Experience of ionic 3 app will be equal to the native app
  • You can generate both ios and android build using this template

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