Google Cardboard: The VR Experience for a Budget

March 1, 2018| elvento

Virtual Reality is taking the world by the storm. Everyday a new product is released which is propagating the VR technology. I had the wonderful opportunity to attend an event hosted by Google and the speaker was none other than the CEO Sundar Pichai. After the lovely interview, he kindly gave away Google Cardboard VR headsets (Star Wars Edition!) to everyone in the audience. And to put it mildly, it sure did change how I look at the world.

The design of Cardboard is quite simple, made from (you guessed it) cardboard and uses smartphone as a head mount. And what is even more incredible is the fact that you can build this yourself. The instructions are available on the website. Or you can easily purchase it online.

The device itself is quite impressive especially since it is constructed with such simple materials. It provides you a 3-D experience you’ve never had before. Ranging from beautiful valleys, or gazing at the northern lights or taking the tour of a French museum, you name it and it is there. It feels like you have entered a different dimension all together. You look up and you can see the sunny sky, you move around and you are among the wild animals, you look down and there is a stream running right there; all while you are standing in your room. It all seems magical, especially if you are new to the VR world like me.

You can download the Cardboard application, which comes with a whole bunch of stunning visuals. You fly among the birds or run in the forest with foxes. You name it and it is there. Apart from this you can view various 360o videos on platforms like YouTube. While sitting in your room, you can cliff dive in Australia, attend panels at Comic Con in San Diego or watch the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Centre in New York. The possibilities are endless.

Also being inexpensive and self creatable this device can prove to be an excellent use for educational purposes. Imagine being able to attend a lecture at Harvard while being at home? That would be amazing, mainly because it won’t be unexciting and mundane like just watching a video.

I would like to conclude saying Google Cardboard is definitely one of the best products in the recent times, especially being so affordable and simple to make. So I would highly encourage you to get your hands on one, or even better make it yourself. That is one fun project. And don’t forget to download the remarkable application as well!
Hope you have a great Virtual Reality experience, gazing at the stars and swimming with the sharks.

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