Essential Programming Languages and Applications to Master (And Enhance Your Resume)

March 19, 2018| elvento

Are you also a 20 something stressing about getting a job? Well, join the club and I promise you this post will help you to relax a bit. Today, I will tell you some softwares which are essential to make you a preferable candidate in the eyes of an employer.

MS Excel

Most corporate jobs as well as other jobs make extensive use MS Excel. Even thought the basics seem easy to understand, the more intricate features and formulas take time and effort to master. There are various short cuts and uses that would prove to be difficult if you are trying to learn it on your own. So I would suggest you to take lessons for the same. If you state Ms Excel as you forte, your resume would automatically become more appealing.

Adobe Photoshop

These days this software is all the rage. Most of the organizations working with creative projects certainly look for this skill in their potential employees. The scope of leaning Photoshop is endless. You can venture into so many different fields and do quite well. A resume turns out to be incredibly impressive if you state this under your skills.

MS PowerPoint

No matter what field you aspire to work in, MS PowerPoint is an essential. Every line of work requires you to present projects and ideas in front of investors or interested parties in form of PowerPoint presentations. A good understanding of this application will help you to sell your ideas and present them in the most effective manner.


If you are aspiring to be a web developer or enter into a similar field then this language is vital for you to gain expertise in. This programming language is extremely intricate and complex and would certainly require a professional teaching mechanism. Not only can you proudly state this in your resume but also venture into your own practice if you want. The demand of such qualifies developers is high in the market, and learning this programming language could help you to move one step closer to that status.

So what are you waiting for? Invest you time and energy in learning these skills and rest be assured that you will manage to obtain your dream job!

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