Benefits of Hybrid Apps

March 5, 2018| elvento

Mobile apps are a life changing discovery and have changed the way the world works. Mobile apps are of different types like hybrid apps, android apps etc. which make them even more exciting and compatible to different devices.

Now native or android apps are more prevalent in the market as most Smartphones are android phones and native apps provide better security and best in class User Experience but it is an accepted fact that Hybrid apps are better than android ones.

WHY? Let’s find out

  1. Hybrid apps are platform independent i.e., they are supported in android phones, windows phones, and all others. Platform independent apps once built can run everywhere. A hybrid app is cross platform by design and it will solve issues related to full-scale web apps.
  2. A hybrid app is much faster than a native app as it does not require network communication.
  3. Hybrid apps are beneficial over native apps as they are easier to develop and the user has the liberty to change platform.
  4. One of the most important features of Hybrid app is that it can work offline.

As we know Hybrid apps combine the properties of native as well as web apps. Hybrid apps are basically native but the content is web-based and because of their native outlook, they can work offline. Hybrid apps are easier to scale to a large number of platforms because the web-based content is almost similar to different platforms and operating system.

Lately, social media apps have become hybrid and the best example among them is Instagram. The photo sharing app has more than 500 million active users per month is a hybrid app. Adopting a Hybrid app has helped the Instagram developers to build a great app that supports both offline data and rich media.

There are many other examples of applications which have become hybrid and in the near future, we can expect much more to adhere to the hybrid model.

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