Amazon for World Domination

March 1, 2018| elvento

Amazon is aiming for world domination. The E-commerce giant has already established itself in most parts of the world and increasing its market share rapidly. In India the company has managed to acquire 12% of market share in just three years and is quickly catching up with its domestic counterparts- Flipkart and Snapdeal.

Not only Amazon is widening its reach in terms of geographically area but also in terms of diversity of the product and services it is proving or planning to provide in the future.

Some of the recent developments include “Amazon Prime”. Already successful in the western markets, this was recently introduced in the Indian market. The purpose is clean and has huge potential. It basically serves a quick delivery of the products required immediately. This has especially helped Amazon to dive into the grocery and the perishable sector of the market. The feature would help people to get an easy access to groceries and related items within the comfort of their home and also receiving the delivery as soon as possible. This is a major leap in connecting the local shopkeepers with the people over internet connectivity, especially with the other big players backing out of the market with the failure to establish a successful practice.

Another development in terms of diversification is entering into the streaming service sector. Right now the most popular streaming service is Netflix which as well is rapidly expanding its reach across the globe. Not only Netflix provides streaming of already produced shows but also streams series originally produced by them. In India, Amazon is partnering with various production houses like Excel Entertainment, to produce original content which will be exclusively distributed and streamed on Amazon. This will help Amazon to penetrate into different markets and create a niche for itself.
Amazon has also curved itself to cater to the Indian market by shaping its advertising strategies to match the likings of the Indian audience. Especially using campaigns such as “apni dukaan” has created an impact on Indian consumer though an emotional appeal of creating a sense of belongingness and togetherness.

The rigorous way Amazon is rapidly venturing into variety of markets and furthering its reach will ensure the world domination it is been aiming for. And with the right strategies and steps, it will manage to soon surpass its counterparts in this rat race to the top.

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