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Swiftkey App Now Uses Neural Network Technology To Improve its Keyboard Predictions

February 22, 2018|

The Swiftkey keyboard prediction App which made our texting easier has made it much more effortless by using the Neural network technology. Previously it used the n-gram model which predicted the texts by the last two words we have typed as well as the words we have trained it with. This eventually led to the pop-up of nugatory words. So in order to achieve a better prediction, the Swiftkey has now rebuilt its entire App using the Neural networks. And to procure this, the Swiftkey has been training it with trillions of words so that the keyboard is capable of predicting the phrases it has never encountered. As of now, the Swiftkeys using Neural networks is available in US English and UK English and it will in the due course add new languages. It is presently available in Android and not in iOS but sooner or later will be of…    read more 

News App Customization

February 1, 2018|

India has surpassed US to occupy the much coveted second spot in global internet user market, only behind China. Apps, e-commerce are bridging gaps between traditional businesses and newer audiences, startups in India has persistently demonstrated to be a major source of an enormous demand for apps. Young Indians are driving the digital media consumption and there is a remarkable market for diversity of apps. Personalization and news are currently the fastest growing app categories in India. With scores of news sources and an imminent information overload, news aggregators come in handy. Unfortunately, as lives get increasingly busy and everybody still trying to stay brushed with the news faster, thousands of media organizations exist today that aggregate sources and present their own style and opinion on the news story. They are a great tool to receive personalized news content, right on your mobile device. Here are some apps that are…    read more